TopicThe Damaging Effects of Water and Mold Damage on Your Children's Health

  • Tue 28th Jul 2020 - 6:33am

    Defense Shield Pro  Responding to the urgent request of a loved one, especially a child, or of a valued client or customer is another.But then there are deadlines we obey because we are....obedient. They are only urgent to the extent that we are dependent on a self-image of a "good person" who is consistent, reliable, faithful, and always on time. Sort of like a dog, except for the last bit about being on time.

    Taking seriously the request of someone who pays your salary is probably not something to debate. But there are the deadlines that we obey because someone else requires it - someone else's urgency. I have a friend who constantly rushes his girlfriend when they go shopping, fearful that all the checkout lines will be much longer if they delay an instant. How seriously you take someone else's deadline depends on the seriousness of the consequences, but many people simply respond immediately to another person's sense of urgency without asking, "Why is this important to me?"

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