TopicPractical Spirituality - Tips For Self-Forgiveness

  • Mon 27th Jul 2020 - 5:10am

    Dream Manifestation  Self-Forgiveness for Compassion and Spiritual Growth Self-forgiveness is a powerful key for greater self-compassion, and a foundation for spiritual growth in that it helps you release anything standing between you and a greater awareness of the Divine. Here are some strategies for how to use your statements of self-forgiveness for maximum benefit.

    1. Verbalize your statements to a trusted counselor or friend who will hold with you, mainly in silence and great compassion, while you use this process.

    2. Speak the statements of self-forgiveness out loud to yourself. You get the double benefit of speaking the words and hearing yourself bring forward the forgiveness.

    3. Say them inwardly to yourself.; With this method, it's easy to start replaying the problem instead of focusing on the statements of self-forgiveness. Try this way only after you have some practice doing self-forgiveness out loud or in writing.

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