TopicDiagnosing and Treating Thyroid Disease

  • Sat 25th Jul 2020 - 6:30am

    Thyroid Rescue 911  There is a major problem with testing for thyroid problems. The blood tests are horrible at detecting thyroid problems. A vast majority of people who need thyroid hormone treatment have normal blood tests.

    The problems a thyroid imbalance can cause if untreated are dangerous. The fatigue and weight gain are one thing, but it can also cause infertility, a 400% rise is miscarriages, a 68-69% increase in heart attacks, and many more problems.

    So, if the blood test won't work, then what do you do to find out if you have a thyroid disorder? Well the symptoms can tell you. If you have unexplained chronic fatigue, weight gain, pain, cold intolerant, or infertile you should have the chance to try a thyroid treatment.

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