TopicForex Megadroid - How User-Friendly is This Forex Software?

  • Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 10:32am

    The second advantage is its user interface. Forex Megadroid was originally developed by professional Forex traders for professional Forex traders: in its embryonic state, however, creators Albert Perrie and John Grace - two veteran traders with nearly 40 years of experience between them - recognized the software's potential as an automated trading system and spent the next eight years honing and refining it into the program it's known as today. Operating it can be summed up in one simple instruction: "you turn it on. Forex Maverick " That's about all you have to do.

    The third advantage can be summed up in five letters: RCTPA. Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis is Forex Megadroid's trump card, its means of circumventing the eternal scourge of Forex robots: when the market changes, Forex robots stop making money. It's as simple as that. Ever play chess against a computer? It may seem incredibly intelligent - famously, a computer once beat the world's most famous grandmaster! - but all it really does is look back over a massive catalog of past games, compare those scenarios to the present, and compute the best move from that information. Forex robots do the exact same thing, only the playbook they need to work from is necessarily much bigger...and just like a chess program, they're helpless if there's nothing in the playbook for the current situation. Now imagine a chess program that can play like a human does, analyzing what's happened and what's happening right now and forming from that information a coherent picture of what will happen and what needs to be done in response. That's the mindset that RCTPA applies to the Forex market. It can predict market conditions 2-4 hours in advance with 95.82% accuracy, and this advantage translates into larger profits and smaller losses.

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