Topic3 Ways to Increase Your Manifesting Power

  • Wed 11th Jan 2017 - 11:55am

    Gaining a complete understanding of how the Law of Attraction works is the first step in bringing incredible abundance and prosperity into your life. Once you understand this phenomenon, you can truly create your own reality, attracting riches, opportunities, people, etc. into your life. Before you can do this, you must first learn to believe and think positively about whatever it is that you desire.

    We all know people who dwell on the negative and put all of their focus on what they do not have. These people are attracted to having less rather than having more, which in turn brings less into their existence. It is a well known fact that what we focus on expands into our reality. For example, people who spend most of their energy complaining about aches, pains, and ill health will attract more of that to themselves, because that is where they are focused.

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