Topic Learn How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills - This Will Explode Your Partner's Mind

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:06am

    Men with the problem of sudden, rapid ejaculation often don't know how to prevent premature ejaculation virility-ex  . It may occur once or twice and go unnoticed or become a huge focus in their life causing even more performance anxiety. Once this occurs, there's a devastating cycle that begins to erode all the pleasure found in sexuality. As time progresses and premature ejaculation occurs more frequently, men often find excuses not to initiate sexual intercourse.

    Couples that experience premature ejaculation on a regular basis as part of their sexual life often don't communicate their distress to one another. The partner with the problem is afraid that he's a failure and his life partner will tell him so if they open the subject for discussion. The life partner feels they have a relationship with a selfish lover, knows their partner has a true problem and wants to help or feel unloved and frustrated. Nobody wins when a couple doesn't talk about the problem but opening up the subject is difficult and devastating if it's left silent too long.

    While there is some help through traditional methods, often the treatment is either very expensive and not covered by health insurance or somewhat dangerous even to healthy men. Non-traditional methods frequently work better but it requires time and patients to find the right one. Not every treatment works for every man.





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