Topic Type 2 Diabetes - Does Drinking Coffee Help Prevent Kidney Disease in Diabetes?

  • Mon 24th Sep 2018 - 6:59am

    There is no harm in wanting to have a substitute but I do Diabetic Revelation not approve this feeling of hatred or fear towards any particular medical 'system'. Let it be allopathy or my own homeopathy, nothing has reached its perfection and never will, since they both are live systems that need to change, revise and evolve over a period of time.

    I often ask my patients why do they want a substitute. I feel it should be sought only when the current medication is not able to control the ailment in right way. There are so many patients to whom the current dosage of the hypoglycemic agents does not give enough control over the blood sugar levels, but if you increase the dosage it gives rise to severe hypoglycemic episodes. There are patients suffering with Parkinson's disease who show increase in the tremors with ongoing medication, but if you increase the dose, they get hallucinations. These are the right candidates to give Homeopathy as an adjunct medication that can first of all control the condition and bring it to normal levels that have not been reached so far. Going further it can reduce the current dosage effectively.


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