Topic 3 Essential Facebook Marketing Strategies That Work!

  • Fri 21st Sep 2018 - 11:48am

    A Funny Tweet - Everyone loves a bit of humour from time Facebook Ad Iq Academy Review to time, so try tweeting a few jokes or funny statements every so often, just to try and make people smile and also put a reminder in their heads that you are varied and worth following and taking notice of your updates.

    An Intriguing Tweet - Try tweeting something that really gets the mind ticking, as Twitter has so many different people using it that a good question can really end up getting some fantastic tweets back.

    A Question Tweet - Try tweeting a question and see how many replies you get to really understand how effective Twitter can be to gauge public opinion. As long as you have enough followers you can really use Twitter as a market research tool and best of all its free.

    A Topical Tweet - Because Twitter is real time, try tweeting about the latest events in the news (even when it snows it would seem) because people love to find out others opinions and views on the latest events and news happenings in the world.

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