TopicHealthy Eating and Children - Breakfast Ideas

  • Tue 18th Sep 2018 - 12:43pm

    My typical meal now is heavy on the lightly cooked or raw green vegetables, small oily fish a couple of times a week De-limpieza-de-colon-revision  , some nuts and seeds for minerals and protein, plenty of cruciferous and leafy veggies and some good non-processed whole foods like brown rice. And what do I notice since leaving behind animal products? Well it's all good, more energy, more focus and less congestion problems and illness.

    So what helps repair and build body tissue, muscle and bone? Well I think the building blocks of the body are amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in guess what? Fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds, the rawer the better!

    I hope this inspires you to learn more about good nutrition and try a few juicer or blender recipes, I feed myself mainly through the juicer and blender choosing to keep my food intake and fresh, natural and non processed as possible.

    The alternative health community has been waiting decades to have access to stevia in commercial food products. Stevia Rebaudiana is a no-calorie herb known for its incredible sweetness. It is a member of the Chrysanthemum family and it grows wild as a small shrub in Brazil and Paraguay. It has been used for centuries as a safe, natural sweetener.





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