TopicHow To Get Girls To Seduce You

  • Thu 13th Oct 2016 - 12:56pm

    Rock Hard Protocol

    The first issue with taking a woman out on a "date" is it's almost guaranteed to be awkward and boring as you're staring at each other hoping the other person doesn't ask weird questions. Second of all, you're going to burn through cash like crazy. Especially if she's not going to show up for the next date and you have to start the process all over again with a different girl.

    Now I know men have a desire to want to provide for a woman. We feel a compelling and instinctive drive to do so. In fact, studies have shown that even other mammals like chimps use food as a way to get females to mate with them.

    Now the problem with paying for a woman is the act comes across as not being original. It's been done to death. It's expected and boring. As a matter of fact, women actually see this as a form of weakness. It's telling her that you don't think she'll like you for you and so you feel the need to bribe her with food to get her to spend time with you.

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