TopicWhat's the Fastest Way to Stop Snoring?

  • Mon 10th Oct 2016 - 9:26am

    Outsmart Insomnia Protocol

    Being surrounded by technology in today's modern day has exposed us to numerous elements that impair our sleep. Adopting a more primitive lifestyle can possibly reduce your sleepness nights and ease out your daily sleeping routine.

    Now I'm not telling you shift your entire work desk onto an open field. But the fact here is that cavemen spent plenty of time out in the sun. How does this effect our sleep quality? You see, sunlight is nature's ultimate energy stimulant. It works better than Prozac in fighting depression. The intensity of incandescent lights you find indoors simply do not hold up the power of the sun. If you noticed, this is also why it's so easy for you to fall asleep after spending an entire day at the beach. Take little steps today to get more sunlight; it can even be as simple as taking a walk outside or opening the blinds.

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