TopicCreating Your World With Mind Movies

  • Fri 17th Mar 2017 - 11:26am

    Thoughts are a vital tool in creating the reality we experience. Thoughts create  The Lost Ways vibrations, the way a pebble creates ripples in a lake. Thoughts, feelings, words and actions all send messages. A person's thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, beliefs and actions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences "through the resonance of their energetic vibration. The "law of attraction" states "you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your experience. Gautama Buddha, "What you have become is the result of what you have thought", is an expression of the idea that thoughts introduced into reality can attract like energy.

    According to the 'law of attraction', thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy. Focus your thoughts and your language on what it is you want to attract. At some point your thoughts will manifest physically, first in your behaviour, and then even in your "real world". Since nobody actually has the answers as to how the universe works at all, I am curious to know how one can say our thoughts don't make things happen. All I can say is that we have thoughts for a reason and I do believe that thoughts combined with emotion can get you to your goal quickly. By learning more about this great law, we can better understand how our thoughts create our realities and what we can do to start creating and attracting the lives that we desire. This is why assuming responsibility for your thoughts is so important.

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