TopicAddiction Support - Treating Alcohol Abuse

  • Tue 14th Mar 2017 - 2:33pm

    Her dreams - Every now and then remind her of a dream that she never fulfilled or His Secret obsession one that she tried and failed. This is very powerful if you had to rescue her from whatever the situation was and by reminding her of that you are telling her just how dependent she is on you. There should be no promotion of independence as that is showing love.
    Her moods - It is no secret that some women get moody a couple of days during the month so if your wife is in this category show no mercy. Remind her that no matter how she feels, she still needs to take care of you and all your needs. Never mind that you have been grumpy on occasion, her moodiness is no excuse not to do everything you expect her to do. You can also use her moods against her by saying that she has no need to cry and that crying is for babies.

    Her decisions - No doubt she has made a few bad decisions in the time you have known her so keep a tally of all of her mistakes. You may need to write them down so you don't forget the next time you have an argument. Bring up all of her poor choices and then treat her like a child even talking or yelling at her as you would a child. If she protests, remind her that she acts like more like a
    Her morality - Last by not least, if your wife has done anything immoral such as drunkenness, adultery, slept with someone before you, pornography, or drug use just to name a few, remind her of her previous behavior and suggest that she return to it whenever things get too tough. Don't let your wife get away with the idea that people can change, remind her that she will never change and

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