TopicHow To Survive A Break Up

  • Fri 10th Mar 2017 - 4:57am

    During our evolution, the effect of adaptation on the part of the body to the physical work of hunting and gathering, lead to chemical changes in the brain: optimism ( "I will survive"), increased energy, curiosity, enthusiasm for exploration, alertness, and a willingness to work with The Achievable Body Review others.(In 2005, we see an overabundance of food supply, particularly the cartoon fun foods of zero nutritional value but tons of age-accelerating sugar; we control the temperature of houses and cars, and the tigers that would be chasing us, are in our zoo's.(Our need to exercise, move constantly is who we are. This body is really a bunch of chemical and electrical impulses that drive all our cells to function when we are forcing some adaptations on the part of our bodies and brains to occur.(Without these acts to trigger growth in our bodies, on the cellular level; we decay.

    We survived over hundreds of millions of years, because each one of our ancestors got it right, and passed on their good choices genetically. It took us millions of years to evolve to this point: evolve from bacteria going back billions of years. But we are basically unchanged. In the absence of these pressures that cause our bodies and brains to adapt, and on the cellular level to "grow", our bodies and brains start shutting down. Every day we are sending out signals to our bodies to decay, and do so quickly. No matter what we choose to think, this is what our choices tell our body: no need to adapt, no need to get strong, no need to grow: we have to go to work, sit in our cubicle, move information on our computers. Our body is not designed for sitting in front of a computer, or a TV; or driving a car to Northern California to take in 600 miles of incredible sights, or staying in bed all day because it is Sunday.



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