TopicGenealogy of the Royal House of Aragon

  • Wed 8th Mar 2017 - 10:14am

    ED Conqueror Review  Zechariah 6 mentions horses of the same hue as the ones described here, albeit in a different order. And while we're looking at Biblical precedents for the "four horsemen", it might be interesting to see that the number "four" is used elsewhere significantly: There are the "four winds of heaven" spoken of in 7:1, and by Jesus in Matthew 24. There are the four corners and quarters of the earth in 7:1 and 20:8. Four angels are stationed there. There are four horns on the altar in Heaven, 9:13, and four angels at the Euphrates River. An important number.

    I believe that these first four seals should be viewed as a unit, separate from the other three, because of the connections mentioned above, because of the significance of the number "four", and because of John's use of the fraction "one-fourth" as compared to one-third later.

    Seal 1 (6:1-2) The world conqueror. The events of the scroll begin with one conqueror. They end with Another (chapter 19). The unnamed world leader of the first seal is replaced permanently by the Son of God. Both appear on the world scene with a "white horse" (19:11). Both bring destruction on the planet. The destruction of the former we know of as the Tribulation. The latter Horseman ushers in the ultimate wrath of God, and then a new Heaven and Earth. All of this, from - I believe - antichrist to Christ, is found in one chapter!

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