A New Beginning

Wed 27th Jul 2016 - 1:43am : General

   Now that we are jumping back in the scene feet first we are looking to grow as fast and efficiently as possible! We are currently on the prowl for new members to join us on our future endeavors! With that being said, we are on the lookout for the following positions:

- Content directors

- YouTubers

- Streamers

- GFX designers

- Competitive Gamers

 Regardless of experience, anyone with the passion and aptitude to contribute is welcome to apply. We seek to help gamers get the most of their gaming time by providing a community full of passionate people and provide opportunities to let your strengths and interests fuel your personal development.

    We will also be starting something new for us. We will be starting to accept applications for all the mentioned positions as well as community members. As a community member you can't just be a stick in the mud. We ask that if you apply and want to be a part of the organization we ask that you at least have something to bring to the table. We encourage all members and applicants to join our Discord channel! ( That link will get you in the OutFrag community discord! If you are interested head over to our “Now Accepting Apps” article in the news section, for CD’s, YouTubers, streamers and GFX designers please fill out the staff application! We look forward to meeting new gamers and people as passionate about the eSports world as we are!




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